COVID-19 (The Coronavirus)

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This is Serious

  • Coronavirus is serious and is infecting black people and white people, young and old people

  • Coronavirus does not discriminate

  • In fact, to date, African Americans in Milwaukee area have been more likely to contract the virus

  • The virus is spread the same way for black people as for any other people


The Virus Is Spread Easily and is Deadly 

  • It is 10 times more deadly than the flu

  • The virus spreads easily, simply being around other people dramatically increases your chances of contracting the virus

  • The virus is spread through touch, and primarily enters the body through eyes, nose, and mouth from our hands

  • There is not a treatment or vaccine, which is why people are dying from it

  • For people with other health issues like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, asthma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer, getting coronavirus is more severe and life-threatening  

  • There is spread of coronavirus in all communities – it is no longer only being spread by people who have traveled


Take steps to contain and destroy the virus

  • Maintain a safe distance, 6 feet or more,  from others in public places and from individuals in the home who are in isolation or quarantine

  • Hand washing and cleaning of surfaces with soap and water destroys the virus. Clean frequently used surfaces, like countertops and doorknobs, daily or when returning from outdoors into living or working areas

  • Maintain separation from people within the home who are ill, have symptoms (See Signs of Infection) or have been advised to quarantine or self-isolate at home.  


Signs of Infection

  • The signs that you might be infected include a fever, cough and feeling short of breath

  • You may be infected but not know it for up to a week

  • We know it is easier said than done, but physical distancing from other people is the only way to stop the spread of coronavirus and save lives in our community 

  • This means not interacting in the same physical space with people other than those who live with you

  • For at least the next month, you should stay at home, and limit your contact to as few people as possible   


What to Do If You Feel Sick

  • If you are worried that you might have coronavirus, call your doctor first or call 211 (City of Milwaukee Health Dept) for immediate help

  • Do not go to the clinic or emergency room before talking with a doctor or nurse for advice

  • The doctor or nurse will give you advice on where to go safely to be tested 

  • If you are in an emergency situation, call 911