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Church Ministries:

Welcome to Tent City

                              By Mikel Kaku Osha Holt


A gathering of multi-cultural people who are dedicated to spreading the love of Christ with the world.




Welcome to our House of Grace Family. It is our prayer that you are enriched with love, peace and joy as you grow in grace and in

the knowledge of God. As your church family, we will do everything humanly possible to serve you and meet your spiritual and earthly needs as we share together as citizens in the kingdom of God.




The objective of the ministry is to gather God’s creation, invite them to salvation and welcome those who accept the invitation into the Kingdom as Kingdom Citizens. It is further the intent to teach them the Word that they might be empowered to carry out the duties of the Kingdom as proclaimed in the Word of God, the Bible.

Rev Dr. Deborah Thomas

Rev. Clarence Thomas Jr.

Ministry Statement


It is because the world is in need of both innovative and creative ministries that are relevant to a twenty-first century world, we birth this ministry. New ministries are needed that are willing to reach the people of the world for Jesus Christ in new and creative ways that speak to and address the people and their individual and/or collective needs.

     Core Values


  • Belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

  • Family

  • Word / Study of God’s Word

  • Table/ Communion

  • Worship/Assembly of the people

  • Witness/ Sharing His Story that people may be saved

  • Serving/ Targeting the issues of the community that the needs of the people be identified and met